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The usage of mobile applications has increased tremendously in these past years. It is so because almost every person has a smartphone. There are a lot of mobile applications available to use. The numbers are so big that sometimes we think that there is a mobile app for this purpose. Applications have become a great way to make money. This industry has everything to keep growing and expanding. So, it is best to work upon trending mobile app ideas.

While beginning to make a mobile app for a startup, the concept or idea of that application matters greatly. If you have something unique or new, then there are high chances of being successful. But, it isn’t like that you can’t use a mobile idea that has been used before. The most important thing is how you present it. You need to follow the trending app ideas.

But, the difficult part of the process is choosing an idea. You don’t have to worry about that. We have collected some best & trending mobile app ideas in 2021. These app ideas can be great to work upon.

7 Best & Trending Mobile App Ideas 2021.

The sole idea of an application is to add up more users. An app idea can easily do that if it helps a user in one way or another. We have curated a list of mobile app ideas in 2021. One can add their unique touch to it as well.

Diet Planner App.

There is an old saying, “Health is Wealth”. If you want to be healthy, then you must follow a complete healthy diet. A Diet planner application can help in maintaining a sound diet. It must have a feature to calculate the intake of calories. Some other features that must be included in this mobile app:

  • Create & Manage Personalized Diet Plans.
  • Track & Monitor Daily Intake.
  • Complete Guide on Health & Nutritious Food.
  • Consultation with Health Doctors & Nutritionists.

Virtual Study Space App.

Due to the current pandemic, studying has shifted from traditional classes to online classes. Due to this, there is a high demand for Virtual Study Space apps. It will provide a virtual space for the students to interact with each other regarding studies and discuss their lessons. There are some features that must be included in this mobile app idea:

  • Conducting live online classes.
  • Manage all classes in one place.
  • Share homework & notes with one another.

Smart Parking App.

Mobile App Ideas for Startup

In big cities, people have a pretty hard time finding a parking spot. There is a mobile app idea for that as well. A Smart Parking app helps the drivers to find a parking space to park their vehicle. It is an IoT based application that needs a few things to find a parking space:

  • GPS.
  • Real-time parking data.
  • Webcams.

With the above features, the application makes it easier for everyone to find a parking spot.

Share a Book App.

Share a Book application is a platform made especially for book lovers. The main aim of this mobile app idea is that everyone should be able to read books. It is like a social media platform where people can share books. This application can work because not everybody has access to a library or buy expensive books. A couple of features must be included in it:

  • Sell/Share a Book.
  • Rent a Book.
  • Catalogue of Books with different genres.

Not only book lovers but also students will benefit from this mobile app idea.

Karaoke Night App.

Karaoke Night app is quite famous in the entertainment category. It allows you to sing as a single or in a group. So, the app is perfect for house parties. It is quite a simple application with not many features. There are different sound filters in the application that can make you sound like your idols. There are a few features that must be included in the app:

  • Large collection of songs with lyrics.
  • Record Audio & Video.

This application can be used for both entertainment and practice purposes.

Travel Plan App.

Some people might find it harder to plan a trip rather than go on it. A travel plan application can make it easier for you to plan and manage travel. It will help you to find a destination according to your weather and activities choices. Not only that, it will tell you the best time to visit a place. Some features that you should include in the application:

  • Travel Journal.
  • GPS Tracking & Navigation.
  • Weather Forecasts.
  • Language Translator.

A complete plan, including the itinerary, will be generated by the application. So, you don’t forget anything.

Learn Any Language App.

Nowadays, boundaries are just on the map because people want to learn different languages. So, they can enhance their skill set. Learn Any Language app can help people to learn their native or foreign language. It is one of the trending mobile app ideas in 2021. Some important features are:

  • Vocabulary of Different Languages.
  • Practice Tests & Revision.
  • Pronunciation Checker.
  • Access to Personal Tutor.

The users will be able to learn and practice new languages. It will allow them to strive towards perfection.


An idea is the first step towards something great. Anyone can choose from these best & trending mobile app ideas. It can also help in generating more ideas. So, you can have a mobile app idea for a startup and start your journey of being an entrepreneur. We hope that these ideas act as fuel for your dreams & ambitions. We will keep on adding the latest & trending mobile ideas to this list. So, it would help if you keep an eye on this blog.

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