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There is a lot of competition on the internet. Almost every day, a new website, application, or product is created and made available. UX research helps you to give a unique product to your audience. That’s why user experience research has become an essential part of building a product. No one wants to give their user a bad experience. By conducting user experience research, you get to know about user’s behavior and what they like. Generally, it is done in the starting phases of a project.

But, several methodologies can be used to conduct UX research. Some may do it only once or twice before implementing the product plan. On the other hand, one can even invest in it frequently. So, you can perform the research consistently. It will lead to consistent improvement and growth.

Before conducting UX research, you must have information about it. That’s why we will discuss the definition of UX research and how to conduct user experience research. So, you will have some insight into it.

What is UX Research?

UX research is an acronym for User Experience research. It is a process to probe the users and their behaviors. So, you can have some insight into how the users perform a task and achieve their goals. It allows anyone to understand the requirements, attitudes, and challenges of your users. It will enable you to fill the knowledge gap and provide the best experience.

Through user experience research, you will prepare a unique, intuitive, and simplified design for the users. Those designs will be productive as compared to other ones. Your business strategy will be aligned according to the goals & needs of users. It is an extremely valuable thing to do that will provide you with the best results.

Why to Perform User Experience (UX) Research?

What is UX Research?

You must have known till now about what UX research is. There must be a question in your mind about why you should do it. UX research adds a lot to your product. It helps to make a productive & efficient design for the users. With it, you will be able to experience the design as your user. It is essential to do because you have prepared the design and know it. So, you aren’t able to see how the design looks like to a completely random person. 

The research will allow you to act & think like a user. A lot of complications can be solved before actually presenting the design solution to the users. In this way, you will able to create some design which will be:

  • Unique, relevant & easy to use for the users.
  • Align with user’s requirements.
  • Provide the best experience.

Your design solutions will be ahead of time. The UX research will have the best ROI (Return on Investment). You won’t regret spending time & money on doing user experience research.

How to Conduct User Experience(UX) Research?

UX research is the best way to guide you through the design process. So, you can create the best design according to the users. But, there are several methods to conduct user experience research. It would be best if you used those in the right way. Before moving to the techniques, you must follow a process to simplify the UX research.

  • Research the knowledge gaps that need to be filled.
  • Understanding what our users want.
  • Stating clear goals.
  • Selecting research methods.
  • Gathering information.
  • Implementing the design and exploring opportunities.

The above things will let you plan user experience research and implement it effectively. Let’s talk about the methods that you can use in your research.

Methods to Conduct User Experience Research.

Conduct User Experience Research

You can conduct the ux research with the use of several methods. We have collected those methods. It would help if you chose wisely. Those methods are:

Focused User Groups.

A discussion is arranged amongst a focused user group. It is like a structured interview where a group of people discuss with each other. Through this, you will be able to understand your target audience better. It enables to know about user’s experience, preference and much more. In a short period, you can gather a lot of information.

One can start with the user groups method when they have a hard time choosing a specific method. It is a general method that can help anyone to begin with user experience research.

Usability Testing.

In a usability testing method, the potential users are given a task to evaluate a service or product. It can be implemented on a prototype or live product. For that, the users are provided with a specific set of tasks. They have to complete those tasks. During those tasks, observers will have a sharp eye on their behaviour. They watch & listen very carefully. Then, they prepare notes.

Those notes are pretty vital for a design solution. There are three ways to test usability:

  • Moderated Usability Testing, a traditional method to test through screenshot or video.
  • Unmoderated Usability Testing, conducting an online test.
  • Guerilla Usability Testing, conducting a live test in the community places like cafes, restaurants, etc.

This method allows you to collect qualitative data. So, you can determine the satisfaction of users towards your product.

Conduct Interviews.

To implement ux research, conducting interviews with the users is an effective method. Generally, it means having a one-on-one discussion between the researcher & the user. It helps to know the attitude, experiences and beliefs of the user. Typically, the time of an interview may be from 30 minutes to an hour. There are different types of user interviews:

  • Directed Interviews, a simple question & answer session.
  • Non-Directed Interviews, setting some guidelines to initiate conversation.
  • Ethnographic Interviews, interviewing while observing people when they complete their tasks.

Card Sorts.

Card Slot UX Research

Card Sorts is a method that is included in the user interview or usability testing. It is a simple method. The users are given a specific set of terms. Then, they are asked to categorize those terms appropriately. During an open card, users are free to choose the category they want.

On the other side, in the closed card, several categories are mentioned to the users. They have to put those terms in those specific categories. It allows you to define the hierarchy perceived by the users and their connection with the content.

Online Surveys & Questionnaires.

Online Surveys & Questionnaires are some of the easiest methods to conduct ux research. It is so because this allows you to provide questions to the users. They can answer those from wherever they can. After that, you will have a database of a large number of users. Through this method, you can know the opinion and preference of a user.

Several online forms can be used to conduct these surveys. Then, you can send the link to that form to various users. The information collected from this method can be used to make an efficient design solution for the users.


Through UX research, one will be able to fill the knowledge gap of the users through design. The users won’t have any problem while using the final product. It is so because you must have to build a structure according to the user experience research. In this way, the design will be made to satisfy the user and provide a unique experience.

When anyone conducts user experience research, they can explore the insights and rank the product’s performance. So, it would be best if you went for UX research when you begin with a product. If you are going to opt-in for it, then the design will be truely made for the users.

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