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Every visitor expects a great experience from your side. That’s why it is crucial to do visitor management. It helps to provide a seamless visit for your guests. But, there isn’t any chance that you can attend every visitor from their entrance to exit. So, you need a visitor management system for that purpose.

A visitor management system will guide your visitors through check-in and each step following that. It will be easy for you to manage them and enhance your brand image. Each visitor will speak a good word of mouth about your utter professionalism.

But, before implementing any new technology, you must have proper knowledge about it. In addition, particular features need to be included in the system for increased productivity. Today, we will talk about what is visitor management & the essential visitor management system features.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor Management is a process to track and manage your visitors smartly. It can authenticate the identity and welcome your visitors. Completely contactless check-ins are organized to ensure safety. All the appointments can be handled easily to reduce waiting time. So, the visitors can have a good experience.

Through visitor management, you will be able to keep a record of your visitor’s information as well. That’s only a small part of the process. One can ensure the safety of their visitors. It can set certain protocols. These will be the key to efficient management of visitors.

Everyone’s time is precious. So, the visitors will be able to check in and attend their appointments on time. To achieve all this, there will be a need for a visitor management system with essential features.

Why to use Visitor Management System?

Why to Use Visitor Management System

A visitor management system will allow you to implement visitor management and make it a success. This system can make visitor operations more efficient and productive. There are some specific reasons why you should use a visitor management system:

  • Visitors are authenticated and checked in digitally.
  • Consistent visitor information across an organization.
  • Enhance business reputation and look more professional.
  • Take care of your visitor’s security and health.
  • Reduce paperwork and stores all the information in the database.

In this way, your organization will be benefitted from this system. People will have a pleasurable experience while visiting you. But, you must make sure that there are essential features included in the visitor management system. It will be responsible for the effective working of all the operations.

6 Essential Visitor Management System Features.

Any visitor management system should be able to achieve particular objectives & goals. Due to this, there should be some must-have features included. It is so because that will be key to the successful implementation of this ERP module. So, we have collected essential visitor management features:

Pre-Book & Manage Appointments.

You must be able to pre-book appointments on behalf of your visitors. So, there aren’t any complications when they visit physically. It will allow you to maintain a schedule for a particular person.

Not only that, the visitor management system allows managing those appointments as well. Because of this, there will be less waiting time for the visitors. So, it will result in a good experience for them.

Event Management.

Through this system, you will be able to manage personalize or regular events. The visitor management system will allow sending invitations to the guests. Also, you will be able to curate the list of all visitors. Even, you can assure that no unwanted guest is attending the event.

With this feature, the brand image of your business will be enhanced amongst others in your industry. So, anyone can easily communicate and invite a group of people to an event.

Seamless Check-In/Out.

Essential Features of Visitor Management System

Whenever a visitor comes to visit you, he/she will be checked in digitally through the visitor management system. All the records will be kept in the database. There won’t be any paperwork included. So, it will be much quicker than the manual process. Also, it will be suitable for security reasons.

After that, they will wait for a minimal time for their turn. Once the visitor is done with their work, they will be checked out in the system. In this way, you will have all the data about when a visitor entered and exited the building. There won’t be any irrelevant person in the building.

Authenticate & Track Visitor Details.

Security of your employees and visitors is fundamental. That’s why the visitor management system must have this essential feature to authenticate the real identity of a person. So, no other person enters the premises with a fake identity. Therefore, it will ensure the safety and security of others.

On the other side, it should be easy to track visitor details whenever needed. For example, under certain circumstances, you will be required to provide or know about their details. The visitor management software must store this type of information.

Print Visitor Badges.

A visitor badge is a way to know about the identity of a person. So, there must be a feature in the visitor management system to print visitor badges. There must be details like name, photo and purpose printed on it. So, it can serve as their identity card until they are in the building.

Also, anyone will know that they are a visitor after seeing their badge. It will allow them to welcome and treat them accordingly. If anyone looks suspicious, you can ask them for their badge.

Real-Time Visitor Updates.

On the arrival of a visitor, the host must be notified without any delay. It will enable them to welcome their visitors warmly. Real-time visitor updates are displayed on the dashboard. Also, the visitor management system can calculate the actual number of visitors in the building. It will lead to an improvement in the visibility of the visitors.


If you want to automate your visitor operations, then you should implement a visitor management system. Through it, you will make them know that you care about them. More importantly, these systems can work completely contactless during this pandemic. Therefore, it will ensure the safety of everyone. But, before you implement it, you must make sure that the visitor management system includes each one of the essential features.


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