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Everything evolves towards improvement with time & so is the case with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Almost every business area is getting support from ERP software. It includes tasks of the backend as well as the frontend. Most businesses rely on ERP solutions to get rid of redundant processes and cut costs.

With ERP modernization, businesses are rapidly changing from on-premise ERP systems to cloud ERP. So that there must be transparent real-time information to make quick & better decisions. Apart from that, ERP solutions are taking advantage of several top trends.

As a company, you always want to invest in an evolving system. Also, there are some critical takeaways around the ERP system’s evolution & modernization.

  • Companies are gradually moving to Cloud ERP. There has been a noticeable growth in the global Cloud ERP demands.
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are helping to optimize operations with personalized customer interactions.
  • ERP systems can be integrated with other technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) & more. 

That’s why ERP systems are subjected to be made better with the help of the latest technologies. So, we are going to talk about top trends that are transforming ERP software in 2021.

Top Trends Transforming ERP Software – 2021.

Key Takeaways of Trends Transforming ERP System in 2021

ERP software are taking advantage of digital innovation. So, it can build a modern system that provides sustainable value to everyone. Here are some top trends transforming ERP software in 2021.

Two-Tier ERP.

System failure can occur if you try to implement a single ERP system for back-end functionality. That’s what happened when the ERP system was initially introduced. But, nowadays, companies mostly prefer Two-Tier ERP solutions. It means the dual implementation of ERP software.

  • Tier one exists at the corporate level.
  • Tier Two is operating subdivisions and subsidiaries with different ERP solutions.

Both the corporate office and subsidiaries can be connected. It creates an optimized workflow that improve performance. Also, there will be more flexibility to adjust according to growing business demands around the subsidiary ERP system. 

Apart from that, it is less costly and appropriate for a company while expanding or growing. Modernized small, fast-growing systems will be more beneficial. Through this trend, the ERP system is transforming to be better.

Cloud ERP Modernization.

On-premise ERP system is outdated and has a lot of risks involved with it. It is one of the main reasons that businesses are adopting cloud ERP modernization at a fast speed. Moreover, it doesn’t include any hardware or IT infrastructure requirements. It has low costs and easy to manage.

There is a high demand in the global market regarding cloud ERP solutions. So, this trend has transformed ERP software as well as the working of many businesses. Moreover, the data is store on cloud storage. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time. So, the users can work remotely.

In recent times, companies are vigorously implementing cloud ERP solutions instead of investing in IT infrastructure. Due to this reason, there might be SaaS dominance in the global ERP market.

AI Driven Improvement.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually introducing itself to the world. There are self-driven cars available now. But what if an ERP system comes with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It won’t entirely replace humans but augment tasks & activities of people. So, it can easily personalize and a wide range of business processes.

AI will provide deep & accurate data insights. Along with that, machine learning can mimic problem-solving and learning skills. So, it can help artificial intelligence to improve understanding and handle a massive amount of data effectively.

When you connect these things with the ERP system, there will be fewer errors and faster work. Any problem can be solved with minimal human intervention. It will revolutionize the transformation of the ERP system.

Mobile ERP Development.

Everyone uses smartphones as it is easily accessible. That is the case with ERP development. Nowadays, businesses want to replicate their software as a mobile application as well. It is the main reason that people have started mobile ERP development. So, they can deliver a mobile app of ERP software.

With mobile ERP, anyone can access real-time information at their fingertips. Other than that, you can create an event, collaborate with dispersed workforces and much more.

Businesses that have implemented mobile ERP solutions can get more work done in a day. It is so because employees can do work when they aren’t in front of the computer. It means increased performance and a better customer experience.

Personalized Features.

Previously it wasn’t easy to customize ERP systems. But, with the introduction of cloud ERP systems, customization has simplified. Many personalized features can be added to the ERP software. So, the solutions are tailor-made as per the requirements of a specific business or industry.

With personalization, there can be highly customizable dashboards with the desired information. So, the ERP solution will deliver high operational efficiency and superior growth. Sometimes there are templates available for ERP systems that can be customized depending upon the user’s needs.


These trends will keep on transforming ERP software shortly. So, agility and speed can be achieved by digital transformation. Even some companies that have invested in ERP systems will look to increase the efficiency and power of their existing system. It can only be done by following top trends transforming ERP software. If you are looking to implement an ERP system or include advanced technologies in the existing one, ForkLyft ERP Suite got you covered. Don’t wait; optimize your business operations with ever-evolving ERP software.

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