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An ERP system serves almost every area of a business. Its results can be measured in operations and processes across the whole organization. For that purpose, different ERP modules are included in the software. But, each module has a different task and automates several processes.

The success of an ERP system implementation hugely depends on these types of modules. That’s why you must make sure that top ERP modules are included in it. So if your business scales, it can easily be on the track of growth and enhance productivity.

Some commonly used ERP modules can help businesses from any industry. But, in recent times, some important ERP modules have become popular amongst companies. So, we have collected 5 Most Popular ERP Modules in 2021. But, first, let’s know more about modules.

What are ERP Modules?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system consists of different software. These are known as ERP Modules. Each one of the ERP modules can leverage up speed and automate operations of different business departments.

So, some commonly used ERP modules support specific business processes and functions to enhance employee productivity. Also, These modules greatly contribute to the success of an ERP system. It tells the importance of a erp modules 2021.

5 Most Popular ERP Modules in 2021.

Top & Important ERP Modules 2021

An ERP solution must be implemented with some important ERP modules. Most importantly, these modules will be able to fulfill the requirements of different processes. So, we have collected some most popular ERP modules in 2021.

Point of Sale (POS) Module.

POS (Point of Sale) module is one of the important ERP modules. It can smoothly automate sales operations and allows to quicken up payments. So, you don’t have to generate a receipt manually. Everything will be done digitally. 

Key Features of POS Module:

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Manage orders.
  • Digital sales, orders, and bills records, Less Paperwork.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Real-time sales & analytics reports.

Apart from that, any transaction between you and your customer will be stored. Also, it helps to manage inventory levels. In this way, you can assure that you don’t have to face out-of-stock issues. So, a lot of industries can benefit by including POS modules in their ERP system. 

Inventory Management.

As it is clear from the name, Inventory Management modules are used to streamline and automate any inventory operations. It allows performing efficient storing, sourcing, and handling of various raw materials. Moreover, everything is being recorded on a device. So, there are minimal errors. 

Key Features of Inventory Management Module:

  • Track & manage Inventory items.
  • Seamless order fulfillment.
  • Streamline sourcing & storing methods.
  • Central database.
  • Manage inventory in multiple warehouses.

The workflow of inventory will drastically change. So, everyone will find each information about inventory item through a centralized dashboard. Also, if you are making finished products, the inventory module can help assemble all of the raw materials accurately.

Customer-Relationship Management (CRM).

An ERP CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) can prove extensively beneficial for the business. It can help to build a sales funnel to increase opportunities. Also, you can smoothly manage & track sales, leads, & customers. So, the overall customer experience will be enriched.

Key Features of CRM Module.

  • Easily accessible data.
  • Sales & leads management.
  • Automated workflow.
  • Manage pipeline.
  • Real-time reporting.

All the relevant history is stored from where you can view it anytime. So, you can convert an old opportunity as well. Any handy information can improve productivity. Even you can categorize hot & cold leads. So, it can help you to act accordingly. 

Supply Chain Management.

Sometimes it can be complicated to manage the supply chain. But, it is one of the most integral parts of operations. So, it needs to be optimized. A Supply Chain ERP module can simplify all the processes and operations. So, the efficiency can be increased.

Key Features of Supply Chain Management module.

  • Shipment management.
  • Forecast & analyze procurement.
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Integration with existing software.
  • Return management.

This module must provide real-time information. So, you can make intelligent decisions based on the updated data. Everything, from sourcing to distribution of a product, will be handled by a single software. Also, it will have a centralized dashboard from any data.

Visitor Management.

Visitor Management ERP module can automate the process of tracking and managing your visitors. Most importantly, it is significant to take care of the security of your visitors and employees. That’s why this module can complete all the visitor operations digitally. So, there’s minimal paperwork.

Key Features of Visitor Management module.

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Track & manage contactless Check-Ins.
  • Visitor authentication.
  • Event management.
  • Print badges.

Other than that, the visitor’s will have a minimal waiting time. Also, no unauthorized person can enter your office premises. Your organization will look more professional and credible. It will help in brand awareness.


A large number of ERP modules are available. These can be used for different purposes. So, you might not need all of them. It depends upon your requirement and business workflow. But, we have mentioned some necessary and commonly used ERP modules 2021. These can be used in almost every business.

Most importantly, these are amongst the most popular ERP modules in 2021. On the other hand, the ERP industry is vast. You must come across an ERP solution that can help your business to grow.

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