Key Features of Odoo Website Builder

Any organization will like a dynamic and easy website builder. So, they are able to handle and manage their website easily. In this digital world, having a website for your business is as important as trees.

That’s why you must choose something intuitive yet simple website builder. And, Odoo Website builder can be the best choice. It is an open-source website builder that can be effective for any business across industries. Through it, a high-quality experience can be offered to visitors & customers.

Being a modern tool, several key features of the Odoo website builder are just exceptional. Anyone without any technical knowledge can handle the website. So, a technical team won’t be required at all once the website is developed.

Most importantly, the website will be ready within a few days. It just quickens up the process of going online. So, let’s know more about the Odoo website builder & its features.

What is Odoo Website Builder?

Odoo Website Builder is an open-source technology through which you can create and design new websites. It is based on an open-source technology that makes it highly customizable. So, a custom website can be built with tailor-made features and functions.

Moreover, there are a lot of attractive themes and templates in it. So, eye-catching and interactive designs can be built. Also, it can be easily integrated with other Odoo modules.

There are detailed insights with illustrations and tutorials. But, odoo website builder provides essential features that benefit an overall organization.

Key Features of Odoo Website Builder.

Odoo Website Builder can be a flexible solution that provides intuitive systems with many features and customization. Some of the key features of odoo website builder that make it so good.

Intuitive User Interface.

Every website must have an attractive and intuitive user interface. So, it can be easy to use for the visitors. That’s precisely what you get through Odoo website builder. It has a lot of font styles & text options with WYSIWYG editor. Also, there are somethings that adds up to user experience.

  • Embedded Live Chat.
  • Mobile Preview.
  • Translation Tool.

There is a block system that allows making a web page from scratch. You can use those built-in blocks. Those are fully customizable. It has a feature to change website content from the front-end itself.

Powerful Dashboard.

There are a lot of options in the dashboard. It just makes it easy for you to perform any action or perform updates on a website. Also, there are a lot of integration options like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Social Media, etc. Everything can be done with just a click.

All these features make it a powerful dashboard that makes the work easier. Moreover, there’s no need for any technical knowledge to handle and maintain a website.

Increase Visitors.

A website is nothing without visitors coming into it. Odoo website builder will take care of it as well. There are SEO tools that can improve rankings on various search engines. So, the number of visitors can be increased.

The keyword suggestion tools can provide a list of targeted keywords. It can be beneficial in implementing an SEO strategy. So, the organic traffic can be increased. Add meta tag tools with a few clicks to optimize a website.

Smooth Lead Generation.

Odoo website builders have multiple configuration options that can ease the way out for a lead generation. So, the generated leads will be directly connected with the CRM module. No lead will be lost. In this way, it is easy to track and analyze data as well.

Even add a tracking code in the URL. So, it is more accessible to track different URLs and measure the success rate of your marketing campaign. It will let you work upon the winning marketing strategy.

Effortless Customization.

While built on open-source technology, it’s easy to customize the website with Odoo website builder. Anything can be changed according to your requirements. So, you can have any specific feature added.

More importantly, any content changes can be made from the front end only. The word processor text editor makes it easy for you. So, you don’t have to access the code to make those changes.


Odoo website builder can easily deliver an engaging website with a high-quality experience. That’s why businesses are choosing it more than any other. You can’t forget about key features of Odoo website builder. So, it can be convenient for you to handle and maintain your website. But, you might not be able to develop custom modules and features. Hence, you might go ForkLyft Website Development to have a fully integrated and customized website.

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