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Any retailer needs to manage the internal operations of their retail business. Keeping that in mind, digitizing the workflow might be the best way to do it. That’s why Retail ERP systems were made. It is a solution with a unique set of features & functions for a retail business. It just smoothes everything and increases employee productivity.

As the technology has advanced, industry-specific ERPs, like Retail ERP systems, are becoming more popular. It is so because it doesn’t only change the way of working, but it also adds other benefits like:

  • Reduced Operational Costs.
    Increased Productivity.
    Improve Speed.

A system’s excellence is derived from its features and functions. So, you will only be able to reap these benefits if you look out for essential features to have in retail ERP system. Moreover, it can easily allow you to cope up with the competition.

And, be the best. So, you can deliver the highest quality to your customers. But, choose the right retail ERP system. You might lookout for these essential features in a retail ERP system to implement efficient business operations.

5 Essential Features to Have in Retail ERP System.

With the latest & advanced ERP, business operations are becoming quicker and easier. In a retail business, there are a lot of operations. It can be managed by a single retail ERP system when there are essential features included in it.

Inventory Tracking & Management.

While running a retail business, products are the most valuable asset. So, it’s essential to have the topmost inventory visibility. The retail ERP system will be able to track inventory. Also, the stock level must be updated in real-time. There won’t be any overstock or understock items.

Any information related to inventory will be viewed from a centralized dashboard. The inventory management will become more efficient. Other than that, it will positively affect sales reports, procurement of products, and more.

Built-In CRM Software.

Every business has customers. It’s our responsibility to offer them the best experience. More critical for retail organizations as they deal with them in-person. So, it would be best if you had a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in retail ERP business as you can manage your customers and resolve their problems through it.

Not only that, every customer’s purchase history will be recorded in the system. So, you can offer personalized service as they visit again at your store. It will let your customers know that you value them and go an extra mile to serve. Most probably, it will boost the customer retention rate.

Omnichannel Support.

In this digital world, retail businesses aren’t just relying on physical stores to sell goods. There are multiple channels to sell their products, like social media, websites, etc. But, you must have a single ERP solution with omnichannel support. So, you can provide a fantastic shopping experience to the shoppers.

As you will see, the revenue will increase without any further complications. It is so because everything will be streamlined with retail ERP software. Also, the sales channels will directly update inventory levels and shipping information.

Loyalty Program.

Retail ERP systems must have an essential feature of loyalty programs. Through it, you can reward those customers who have been making purchases from your store. It will build a deeper relationship with the customers.

You never know that you will have lifetime customers. Apart from that, loyal customers can keep the revenue consistent and earn some good points in front of others.

Returns & Pricing Management.

It may take a long time to update product prices manually. That’s why a retail ERP system must have the functionality to manage product prices. So, you can edit it whenever needed. A lot of operations will become quicker. Also, you can apply discounts as per the promotion running at that moment.

Other than that, sometimes people return products due to any reason. Managing these returns and keeping records might be a hefty task. But, the retail ERP system will digitize the way you accept returns. So, it can become more accessible and efficient.


You must make sure that you choose the right retail ERP system. It will be responsible for all the day-to-day operations once it is implemented. Till now, you must have known the essential features to have in retail ERP system. So, it won’t be tricky for you to find the best solution because you will know the features & functions beforehand. In this way, it’ll become much easier to have a proficient retail ERP system.

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