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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has proven to be a successful trend as it’s growing rapidly. From multinational businesses to small enterprises, everyone is implementing ERP systems to automate operations and increase productivity. But as it got popular, the myths around ERP systems have also been revolving around.

New-launched startups or businesses are getting conscious of the importance and advantages of ERP implementation. That’s why they are becoming more aware of enterprise resource planning. But sometimes, a few myths might obstruct ERP system implementation. That’s what; you shouldn’t let it happen.

Before ERP system implementation, you might research deeply. So, there are no misconceptions that can abound your business from ERP adoption. It is so because your business can reap the benefits of digital transformation. Let’s clarify false myths around the ERP system.

5 ERP Myths to Obstruct ERP System Implementation.

There’s a difference between myths and what is actually true. So, you must shy away from these common ERP myths to obstruct ERP system implementation. Don’t believe or let it change your decision.

Save Money by Using Internal Resources.

Some companies try to use their internal resources towards ERP initiatives. It can cut down the productivity of your organization. It is so because asking employees to split their time might not be a good idea. Employees can give their suggestions regarding the ERP system because they are the end-users.

But having your employees on the ERP project team might impact the development. There can be customization required even after the implementation. That would use up all your money saved before.

ERP is Expensive & Takes Long Time for Implementation.

Yes, ERP systems might become expensive, but it depends on your business workflow. Sometimes it might take a significant investment. But it would be best if you looked at it from another perspective. It will lower your operational cost and might save you a lot of money in the long run.

There is a myth amongst business owners that it will take forever to implement an ERP system. That’s why they don’t adopt it. But it’s false. The time depends upon various aspects like features, functionality, integration & customization. However, a Good ERP vendor will implement ERP quickly.

Employees Need Training.

Before implementing ERP, you must make sure that it is intuitive and easy to use. It will directly eliminate any chances of training employees. So, they will be able to use it as soon as it’s implemented. The ERP vendors will indeed have a detailed step-to-step guide to ease the way through its working.

Apart from that, involving employees while the development of a new system might help as well. In this way, they will be able to know and understand it beforehand. Moreover, they can give their suggestions and tell what problems they might face. So, the vendor can resolve it.

Realistic Budget.

Every business sets a budget while implementing something new. That might be the same case with ERP implementation. But, a realistic budget is a myth as it might not match the actual money spent on the initiative. That’s why you must make a flexible budget like estimating a range of costs.

The ERP cost depends on several factors like integration, customization, etc. It’s possible while implementing it; a new thing might need to be developed. That’s when you might exceed the budget. So, it would be best if you eliminated the idea of having a realistic budget.

ERP belongs to IT department.

It is the vitality of your current company. They are aware of your company’s technology more than anyone else (including the weaknesses and pain points). They’re experts at keeping your existing systems up and running, as well as overcoming downtimes.

Thus, even though the IT department can be an essential element to ERP deployment and ongoing maintenance. They won’t be able to see in the same way an independent ERP expert team can do it.


These ERP myths are just false information that has been spread through rumours. So, you shouldn’t believe ERP myths to obstruct erp implementation. Otherwise you might miss out on opportunities that can enhance your business productivity & efficiency. In this way, you will be able to plan out your resources more efficiently.

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