SaaS Software vs Custom Software Solutions: Which one is best for Your Business?

All businesses of all sizes and sectors share a lot in common among them is that nearly every company can benefit from software that they use in some way. No matter what you do, the software will assist in streamlining your tasks as well as increase the productivity of your team and help you save time and money – all while helping you serve your customers better. Everyone can agree that it’s winning, win, winning.

However, a quick Google search for “software for small-scale businesses” will give you more than three billion results. Who has the time to explore all those possibilities? Today, we’ll break those options into two categories which are SaaS and Custom software solutions. In the end, you’ll be able to better understand the two and know which one is the most suitable for your company today.

Everything about SaaS.

The first thing to mention is SaaS which is also known as “software as services.” Don’t think that the name is a frightening one as you’ve probably used these programs on a daily basis. Software as a Service (which is described as SaaS for the remainder of this post as it’s an extremely long word to describe any kind of) is a method that allows a particular software to be licensed on a monthly basis and hosted centrally by the organization that manages the service and owns it. One of our most favorite examples of SaaS includes HubSpot. Every day, thousands of users use the software and access marketing analytics, build landing pages, write blog entries, and more. Although each user owns a certain set of details about their account (for instance, if you create a landing page within HubSpot you own the domain and the page) The tool is managed and hosted by HubSpot.

It’s easy to see the reason SaaS products are so useful and well-known. They offer the creativity and effectiveness of software without having to pay the cost of creating or hosting the software. However, there are negatives, too. Making changes to your SaaS product isn’t easy and could be impossible to design precisely what you desire. It is also possible that even though a SaaS tool can be useful it may not be able to do exactly what you would like it to. If you’re investing cash into a tool you must ensure that you’re getting exactly what you require and want for your company.

Know About Custom Software Solutions.

A customized software solution, in contrast, is a solution specifically designed for your particular business and specific issue. It is not made to accommodate different industries or businesses, it is owned and operated by you and can be customized to suit your requirements as your business grows and changes. This tool can take on the form of a web-based application, a mobile application, or even an intranet site. It will best fulfill the needs of your company.

Although custom software is created to fully and completely solve your issue, However, there are a few points to keep in mind. The first is that creating the perfect software solution can be a lengthy process. It’s worth the effort however, it’s not a quick fix. Another point to be noted is the fact that this tool requires more upfront costs than you spend on the SaaS solution. However, it’s an instrument that you control completely and hold the full rights to. That means that if you ever decide to utilize the tool and make it available for purchase by others then you have the capability and the right. Your software may be used to sell another’s SaaS. (How would you do that for an interesting Jedi brain trick?)

How to decide which one is better for your business?

Computers work, if you’ve read to this point, we’d like to think you have a good grasp of the key distinctions of SaaS and a customized software solution. But what is the best way to choose between them?

Here are some questions to think about when deciding the most effective solution for your business.

What’s your budget?

Your budget will be the most reliable indicator of what is the most suitable one for your business currently.

What’s your timeline for this application?

Do you require an immediate solution, and do you want to have enough patience to wait for a customized solution to be created and developed?

What exactly is the issue?

The solution you require will also decide the decision to go with SaaS or custom-built software. If you’re able to pinpoint exactly the solution you require using the SaaS solution, then it will work for you. If you’re fed up with trying to find the various options available online to meet your requirements, it may be time to talk with a company that develops software and looks into creating an entirely custom solution.

What are your goals for the future?

If you’re looking for the answer, it’s easy to just consider it today. What do you think you’d like this solution to benefit your business in the next year? Within three years? Can this solution be expected to change and adapt when your business expands and develops? If not, does it really matter the effort and expense to pick an option that will have to be replaced once the next year?

It’s easy to understand the value of software for your company. It can help make your staff more efficient and help employees to concentrate their energy on areas where it’s needed most. It can help you save money, and allow you to impress your customers more.

However, it’s not always as simple to determine what software is the best fit for your business and needs. Do you prefer SaaS or customized software?

The best part is that you don’t need to come up with the solution by yourself. Forklyft has a team of software specialists that are adept at helping you find the best solution and then constructing it should you think that you want to build your own software which will benefit your business. Are you interested in learning more about the capabilities of software for you and what option is the best one for you? Talk to our software experts today.

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