Factors that Influence Price of POS System Installation

What is the cost to put in a point-of-sale (POS) solution? This is a question we are asked every day and the answer could be a surprise to you. If you're looking to expand your retail company, chances are you don't have the funds and resources to invest in a costly retail point of sale system.

Furthermore, finding the most effective retail POS Solutions in Jalandhar for your expanding small business can be more straightforward than you think particularly if you don't be aware of the features you should prioritize when you're looking for a solution. What's the best news? Finding the perfect system for your company is as simple as 1-2-3. Moreover, setting up a POS system is in fact quite inexpensive!

What's the Cost to set up the POS System?

The most serious delays happen from the POS system isn't configured for your particular business. In this situation, you could be spending a lot of time coordinating the system with the sales process.

In addition, If you manage your inventory, payroll for employees, and other features are implemented within separate software, you could require time to integrate and combine these systems leading to an increase in POS costs for installation. If the company does not provide online software tutorials or guides You could spend your time working out the features and functions by yourself. Without these tools, you'll waste much of your time looking around the system. There's no time!

These costs for time are tied directly into the financial cost. Instead of putting in the time to install the POS system yourself, you could spend that time making sales! Here are a few additional factors that impact the Point of Sale in Jalandhar cost of installation for the system.

Number of Stations.

In the event that the POS system isn't configured in order to "plug and play" it's likely to need a technician on-site to set up your POS. The total amount of stations affects the price of installation. The greater the number of stations you have, the more time a technician must spend on setting them up, as well as the more expensive the cost of installation.

Type of Software or Hardware.

This is another disadvantage of not buying an all-in-one retailer POS system that has been pre-configured. Certain software and hardware have additional costs for installation due to the time it takes for the technician on-site to finish. The costs could also be viewed from the kind of POS system that you choose to purchase: on-site, cloud-based or hybrid.

On-site POS systems generally require the most time to install and are therefore more expensive in cost. Hybrid and cloud-based POS Software in Jalandhar are simpler to install, however, their installation time is determined by the fact that the hardware and software are pre-configured.

Advanced Features.

Many of the most advanced POS system features could take additional time, and expense for a technician to install.

iPads and other mobile devices for staff to use while serving customers

Handheld scanners to inventory.

Hardware for payment and the corresponding computer systems for security, or even software.

Migration of product or data from your prior POS system.

Number of Users.

Certain POS Software Development Company in Jalandhar price their systems by the number of customers. This could also impact installation cost. If you need an on-site technician, and/or do not have access to instructions on how to add users to the system The technician will likely need to handle that for you. It will mean a longer time to install the POS system, which will increase the cost of installation.


Certain POS companies will incorporate POS system training in installation costs. This requires a commitment of time and effort from the important stakeholders, such as the management team and employees.

There are POS providers that may additionally charge you for additional training that is not part of your initial course. If they don't offer online training materials, this means that each new employee will have to be trained by the company (costing the company money) or be trained by your staff or another employee.


With the ForkLyft, POS Development Company in Jalandhar, installing point of sale hardware is a lot easier than you'd imagine. The benefit of buying the entire POS from ForkLyft is the fact that it's a simple plug-and-play solution. You can take it out of the packaging, connect it to the system, and you're ready to go! Our techs pre-configure your hardware, so you don't have to think about the installation process once it's delivered. The majority of our features are integrated into the program. Some of them cost an extra fee, but they are all already installed, which makes us a much more efficient and cost-effective solution.

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