Key Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Saves Business Time

We've written a fair amount over the ClearPathGPS blog on how a good GPS tracker for fleets could save your business cash, and indeed it will. But it's not the only way that our GPS tracker for fleets generates advantages for your business. It can also help your employees to save time in a variety of ways. The time-saving benefits are equally beneficial to your business operations as your team's mental health.

Imagine... You had a prospective customer came to your office with an urgent service request and you were certain that within a couple of minutes, you'd be able respond to the customer's main questions: Could you dispatch someone within the next few hours? When can I count on they'll arrive? You don't have to make calls between different techs to determine who was available, or search the schedules of your employees for the day because you could have all the information you needed on live maps right there on the screen.


You were seated to process the timecards of your field employees for the coming pay period. You didn't need to spend any time researching each technician's work schedule during the week to verify their hours of work reported. Also, you didn't have to spend time tracking down the three or two employees who are always turning in their timecards with a gap. What made the timecard processing for this pay period so simple? It's because your tracking software created each timecard of the tech for you, ensuring accuracy down to the moment. Here are the most important ways in how GPS Tracking Software in Kolkata can help you add time back to your routine:

Save Time Managing Your Field Employees.

Tracking the field techs in your organization, and making sure that they're where they're supposed to be , and that they're not spending time on the road, could cause a lot of time.

If you aren't able to see what they're up to in the field The only way to gain access is to control them through micromanaging. Have an office manager or dispatcher phone or message to them during the entire day to get information. Absolutely a wasted time for your staff!

If your service technicians are taking longer than they should to finish tasks out in the field - because it's not like anyone's watching -- your company might not be fulfilling the number of orders that are possible.

The best Open Source GPS Tracking Software in Kolkata lets you log in digitally at any time, and with all of your fleet. Like we claim here at ForkLyft it's almost like shooting shotgun with all the field technicians throughout the day. This can make your team much more efficient in terms of time.

Reduce Time Spent Dealing with Payroll.

It is possible to eliminate all of these expenses. The Fleet Management Software tracks your technicians in the field each minute by minute and generates an exact timecard for you in a matter of minutes using our online timecard report.

Save Time Handling Customer Service.

If a customer contacts you for an appointment and inquire when the field technician will arrive--and you do not have GPS tracking -- your ops manager, or dispatcher is likely to have to contact the tech.

If you have Mobile GPS Tracking Software in Kolkata, your dispatcher would just look at the live view of the map and let the customer know right at the moment, and instantly--how far he's from. There's no need to call the tech. The customer is not contacted. Instead of seven minutes, it's... only a couple of minutes. It could mean a savings of 28 hours of your staff's time per month, and 336 hours -- more than 40 days of time saved per year. You'll also have happier customers too!

How would You Use All Your Additional time?

In other articles, we've demonstrated that you could make your business save lots of money by using the use of GPS fleet tracking. In the case of most businesses operating with high-stakes service industries such as yours, the cost-saving advantages can be enough to sign-up for the Best GPS Tracking System in Kolkata. The easy-to-implement automation capabilities and workflows -- which you can implement quickly -- could help your employees save hours of time wasted every week.

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