Things You Need for Successful Inventory Management

The supply chain that is successful can't be achieved without inventory and warehouses. To be an equally effective component in the chain of supply it has to be efficient. This is where Simple Inventory Management Software in Kolkata plays a role. Without it, you'll be at risk of inaccurate numbers as well as disconnected databases and inadequate identification of the product. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, we've compiled suggestions to assist you in improving your inventory management and be on the path to your most efficient supply chain management to date.


Warehouses can contain thousands or many thousands of items so you'll need an easy and simple classification system to keep your warehouse well-organized. Some warehouses choose to utilize the method of selective inventory control that is known as "ABC categorization." That means the inventory components are classified in accordance with their worth and requirements for documentation. For instance, "A" items are the most valuable items and require careful management, while "C" items are of low significance and require only basic documentation. Remember that every item and the related SKU has its own demand and supply pattern and therefore it is not possible for all SKUs to be classified in the same manner. SKU variations can be controlled through an "ABC classification" system. Whatever method you choose the inventory components must be properly classified with clearly marked choices. It is recommended to establish a specific syntax for labeling parts.

Inventory Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Like there is no supply chain without a warehouse. No warehouse can be fully functional without the use of user-friendly Warehouse Inventory Management Software in Kolkata. One of the most fundamental WMS will come with the ability to be flexible in its location system, user-defined settings for specific tasks, and integrated connection to data-gathering devices. A WMS can improve the accuracy of inventory and storage capacity while decreasing cycle times and the cost of labor. A WMS program can also provide great inventory scheduling options. You can also utilize the WMS program as an optimization tool that can automatically control demand and supply fluctuations.

Integrate Mobile Technology.

Many WMS offer apps that allow salespersons to connect with the data. Mobile devices give quick access to current, precise inventory information and data. This will improve customer service and the general speed of the supply chain. With their mobile devices, salespersons can instantly send replenishment requests when they see the inventory levels are low in their shops. In addition, mobile technology can enhance inventory management via its link to an on-the-go smartphone POS system. If a customer attempts to purchase online they will be alerted of any limitations to the availability of the item.

Improve Shipping System.

The proper management of inventory is dependent on the capacity that the logistics system as well as employees to handle and process items and packages. Systems for shipping that are not able to cope with the present volume of packages and products must be upgraded. In the end, numerous packing and product handling warehouses would like to upgrade their systems for conveyors. It could be mobile conveyors that offer versatility and efficiency. In addition, they can be integrated into a system that includes strategically placed conveyor machines. The addition of a conveyor is an effective option to increase the management of inventory and the overall efficiency of warehouses.

Supplier Relationships.

Certain suppliers might be regularly late or provide incorrect shipments. The warehouse staff is often too busy to respond to such issues, however, warehouse management must keep an eye on supply performance. Actually, the Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses in Kolkata can provide thorough custom reports of shipments from suppliers. Think about using the WMS to check the performance of suppliers each quarter. This can assist you in identifying suppliers who are not reliable and will provide you with opportunities for improvement. With this knowledge, it is possible to reward suppliers that are performing well by giving them the possibility of selling more and reducing the amount of low-performing suppliers.

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